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Common questions

  • Can I make transactions outside of business hours?

    Yes, you can make transactions outside of regular business hours, however, there may be delays from the payment provider when processing these transactions.

  • What if I withdraw to an incorrect account?

    If this happens, it is best to contact our support team so that you can be assisted. There are two likely scenarios that will follow once you have provided all the information about this transaction:

    • If the incorrectly input bank account doesn’t exist, the bank will return these funds to us and then we will return the funds back to your account; you can then withdraw these funds once more.
    • If the incorrectly input bank account does exist, then the funds will be credited by the bank to this bank account and the funds will be lost; it is important to confirm every detail carefully to avoid this happening.

  • Can I withdraw using a different payment method than the one used to deposit?

    Withdrawals typically require the same method, payment account, and currency used to deposit. If multiple payment methods are used to deposit, withdrawals should aim to be proportional across these methods.

    Alternatives can be made available to eligible traders. In exceptional cases, we may waive the standard proportional withdrawal rule subject to successful account verification and approval by our payment specialists.

  • How long does it take to process a deposit or withdrawal?

    Processing times are displayed under each payment method in your Personal Area (PA). They may vary by payment method, as seen in the PA. The processing time shows the average to the maximum time taken, while the average time is typically what is expected. Note that deposits can take up to the maximum time indicated.

    Most payment methods offered show instant processing, which means that the transaction is carried out within a few seconds without manual processing (not that the transaction completes processing instantly).

    If the maximum processing time is exceeded, please contact Support with your transaction ID and identity verification for further assistance.

  • Why do some payment methods need to be verified?

    Payment account verification is required when using a payment system for withdrawal that hasn’t been used before. This allows us to ensure that the payment account holder is the same person as the Exness account holder.

    If your withdrawal is rejected for verification, contact support for assistance. You will be expected to submit a proof (bank statement or payment account ownership documents) with the account holder name matching the Exness account holder name. Once this is verified, you will be able to make a successful withdrawal.

  • Are any fees charged by Exness for deposits or withdrawals?

    No, we do not charge fees on a deposit or withdrawal action. However, certain electronic payment systems (EPS) and banks have their own transaction fees. It is always best to confirm possible fees for your chosen payment method in the Personal Area (PA).

  • What are the limitations on how much can be deposited?

    Transaction limits are displayed under each payment method in the Deposit section of your Personal Area (PA). Additional temporary limitations can be applied if you have pending verification requests.

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